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Henna Crowns 

Bald is Beautiful with Henna


Losing hair can be a very difficult experience in a woman's life.  Henna is a beautiful and unique way of decorating the head due to hair loss from chemotherapy, baldness, etc.  Hennaed scalp not only looks beautiful, but makes you feel beautiful and gives you a chance to express yourself freely!  

Designs can be lace-like to cover the entire scalp, flowy for a more natural and subtle look, bold and tribal, etc.  We can create any style you like and custom designs are always welcome.   




Henna crowns range from $35 - $100 depending upon the size and intricacy of the work.  



  • You want to have a very close shave on the scalp.  The less hair we can feel on the scalp, the smoother the lines will be.  
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment.
  • If you are allergic to any particular ingredients, plants or foods, please let your artist know before henna application.
  • Please be sure that neither you nor your guests have any lotion, oils, creams, etc. in the areas where you would like to be hennaed.  The oils may get in the way of the stain and prevent a dark henna stain.  The area may also be washed at our studio before henna application.
  • Leaving the dry paste on your skin most of the day or overnight will give you the best color.  Please view the Henna Aftercare Instructions for more details. 


View our Henna Crowns Photo Gallery for examples of our work. 

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