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Making Henna Designs


making henna designs


  1. Hold the henna cone or bottle like a pen and squeeze out henna on a piece of paper with fingertips using light pressure.
  2. Practice making fine lines and circles in the thickness desired before working on the body. For thicker lines, apply greater pressure or snip a larger hole at the tip of the cone.
  3. Once ready, work over the transferred lines or practice freehand artwork. It is best to keep lines very thin and then go over them once or twice to smoothen them out.
  4. Wipe the tip of the applicator often with a tissue to ensure consistent lines. Use the clean tip of the cone or toothpicks to correct any mistakes.



In order to achieve the best results and a long-lasting stain:

  1. Prevent anything from touching the design for the first 20 minutes after application.
  2. Leave the henna paste on for 12 or more hours.  The henna needs time to seep into the skin.  The longer the paste stays on the skin the deeper it goes into the top layer.  This helps it last long and come out darker.
  3. Apply a lemon-sugar solution to the paste once it has dried.  The sugar helps the design stay put on the body and the lemon enhances the color.  Make your own mixture or purchase a sealant from our store.  The lemon sugar solution is mixed with six parts lemon juice to 1 part sugar.  Be sure to strain any particles in the lemon juice.  Use this solution with a fine mist sprayer to get an even spray and be careful not to apply too much solution or the paste will become runny.  Apply the solution at least a few times eaxh time the design dries.
  4. Keep the designed area warm to help release more dye for a better stain.
  5. Prevent water contact to the stained area as much as possible. The best thing is to spread oil (olive, vegetable, baby oil, etc.) or Vaseline to the stain before showers or before washing the area to prevent water contact.
  6. Try not to scrub the area or exfoliate.  Harsh shaving in the area is not recommended. Shave lightly in the area if applicable.

Note:  Henna looks orange the first time the paste comes off.  It takes up to 3 days for the color to turn reddish-brown.  The designs usually last anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on care, amount of time the paste stayed on the skin, and the area of the body the design was applied.  The ankle and feet usually tend to last the longest while the face and neck and hands last the shortest.

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