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Making Tattoo Transfers


making tattoo transfers

Celtic knots, symmetrical designs, large detailed designs, animals, etc. can be difficult to draw, especially when you wnat to draw on the skin. Transfering a design onto the skin before working with the henna is a great way to learn to do them properly and help you gain a strong hand-eye coordination.  Here is how you can make your own transfers:

  1. Choose a design and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Place a tracing paper on top of the design.
  3. Using a transfer pencil, trace over the design.
  4. Cut out the design.
  5. Apply deodorant (Speed stick-the gel stick, not liquid, works best) over the surface to be worked on.
  6. Place the tracing paper face down onto the surface and press flat.
  7. A mirrored image will appear on the skin.
  8. Use your henna cone or bottle to apply henna paste over the transferred design.  

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