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Sifting the Henna


Sifting the Henna


The majority of the henna available in the market or overseas contains particles that tend to clog fine tipped applicators.  Unless you have a high quality, finely sifted henna that gives you a smooth and consistent paste, it is best to sift the henna powder to remove all large particles before a paste is made.  Following are instructions for this process:

Materials needed:

  • Newspaper or a plastic sheet
  • Henna powder
  • Plastic container with snaps or an airtight lid (be sure there are no coarse or sharp edges) 
  • 1 knee-high stocking
  • Coins or smooth pebbles with rounded corners



STEP 1: Place newspaper or a plastic sheet on a flat surface being worked on. Stretch the stocking over the edge of the container until the toe is in the upper third part of the container.

Sifting- Step 2

STEP 2: Push the toe down a bit to make a pouch for the henna.

Sifting- Step 3

STEP 3: Place small coins into the stocking to help knock the henna through the stocking.


STEP 4: Spoon henna a little at a time into the stocking, pressing it down towards the toe area each time.

Sifting henna Step 5

STEP 5: Twist lid on the container tightly to prevent henna from falling out.  Hold the lid tight and upright with your hands and shake the container side to side until all the finer henna has collected in the container.

STEP 6: Carefully open the container.  Slowly remove the stocking from the container.  (The large particles from the henna powder should have remained in the stocking.) The sifted henna remaining in the container can now be used for making the paste. Discard the hena inside the stocking or use it to color the hair. 

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