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Straining the Henna Paste


Straining the henna paste


Although pre-sifted henna powder is usually good enough for a good paste, it is best to strain the paste once it is made.  The straining removes any remaining large particles that did not get removed during the sifting process or remained from the brewing tea solution.  Straining is also great for pre-mixed henna pastes available in the market.

Materials needed:

  • Henna paste
  • Wide carrot bag or plastic zipper bag
  • Spoon or spatula
  • Gloves
  • A cup or glass
  • A good, clean knee-high stocking scissors



strain1.jpgStep 1: Wear gloves

Step 2: Place one stocking inside the other (in case one rips) and then place inside the cup/glass with the edges of the stocking overlapping the sides of the cup.


Step 3: Spoon henna paste into the stocking


Step 3: Lift the stocking out of the cup and drop the stocking into a carrot bag or zip bag.


Step 4: Grasp the neck of the carrot bag with one hand and the end of the stocking with the other hand.  

strain5.jpgStep 5: Pull the stocking out of the carrot bag through your fist.


Step 6: The henna paste should be left in the carrot bag and the stocking can be washed or thrown away.

strain8.jpgStep 7: Snip a wide opening at the tip of the bag and fill your applicators or freeze paste in the bag for later use.  If using a carrot bag, roll down the top of the carrot bag, secure with a rubber band and put the paste in the freezer.  

strain10.jpgNOTE: The carrot bag can be used as an applicator if you snip a tiny hole at its tip.

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